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May 21st 2023 - Maynard James Keenan (Tool) dresses in Drag for concert in Florida

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and that's what the kids are calling "based".

spill the tea dragqueen

Maynard wearing fake breasts, lipstick, and a wig in defiance to Desantis law

If you hadn't heard lately, several laws passed in Florida that are hurting queer people. One of these laws that passed is anti-drag performance, prohibiting minors from attending any drag show. Rockville is an all-ages event.ย 

I don't have to stress enough, this is heroic!ย 

Happy pride month, especially to our allies! We see you, we love you!Rainbow flag gif

say gaytrans flag

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Image source from thisย article

Watchย Youtube link to Tool preforming fourty six & 2 at Rockville

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