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Little Life Update<3

Hi everyone who might see this! I'm Max, this post isnt important but I thought writing about recent events might be nice!

Its the end of the school year and graduation has passed. I'm so glad to be over with high school, but Im still stressed, as I am starting up college classes in the summer. I am going to college for Environmental Sciences, and I am very happy for the opportunity to continue my education!:) Although I was hopping for a bit of a break before starting up classes-_-

But I am sharing a party with my cousin to celebrate, and I cant wait to meet up with family and friends again!!

This was a little life update, thought I'd try to get back into the habit of updating:)

Hope anyone who sees this has a great night!

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Congratulations on graduating! You deserve a party after that, four years is a rather long time. I wish you luck with college aswell!

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