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Lately I've been having this nightmare, for some reason it reminds me of backrooms but it's...very scary, at least for an almost 16-year-old like me.

This Nightmare begins with one day me, my mother and my grandmother looking for parking in a .... I think a supermarket or shopping center, it's one of these indoor parking lots.

And then a strange white figure, in a suit and with a smile, resembling a splendorman, approaches us and offers to play a game, which he had been waiting for us. 

So...we tell him no, and we drive away and find another parking space, but then the car is ambushed and thrown into a pillar as the figure from before gets taller and...Machiavellian, then the parking lot becomes closed and challenges us to find the exit, the parking lot is completely pitch dark and is made of Material that inflatables could be made of (that's right, right?) Then, the car disappears and the three of us go looking for the exit, the first to be eliminated is my mother, and from there the creature becomes more aggressive. My grandmother and I hid behind some inflatable fences and we tried to make a plan, then we remembered that there was a part that seemed patched, and we intuited that this is the answer, but when we tried We try to get out but my grandmother stumbles, I help her but at that moment a deformed and skeletal arm grabs her, my grandmother tells me to run and find the exit and then I see a figure Arachnid starts looking for me, I slipped through the floors scratching the walls trying to find the patch in the darkness, but then the figure found me and... I fell from the parking lot Now I was on the third floor and I fell on top of the car and my grandmother and mother tell me that we have to run away from there and we leave from there while the spider figure chases us and when we get outside Outside, which by the way was raining, the creature begins to die and melts and the nightmare ends there 

I don't know what you think but the nightmare terrifies me (⁠;⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠)

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