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MDZS headcanons

Ok so I’m pretty sure it’s canon that Lan Wangji is taller than Wei WuXian // Wei Ying but like,, 

I hc that Wei WuXian is taller than Lan Wangji but like 

in the type of troupe where it’s like person A is younger yet taller than Person B, Person B is the older one yet they’re shorter than person A, and person A probably never shuts up about how they’re taller than person B and they’re just a real nuisance about it /lh 

Or maybe like Wei WuXian is taller by like one inch and he still rubs it in Lan Wangji’s face LMAO 

(Totally not self projecting or anything) 


Despite Jiang Cheng being depicted as cold and somewhat cruel, I’d like to think he’s actually pretty soft and a good person once you get to know him. Considering he grew up with Wei Ying / Wei Wuxian, he probably has his fair share of causing mischief and funny moments, he’s most likely the way he is because of how he was brought up, both his parents were forced to marry each other and didn’t really love one another. Not to mention the trauma he went through when the Lotus Pier was burned down and his parents were killed.

So yeah I hc that he’s actually a soft spoken person and is actually rather kind once you get to know him better or once he sorta lets his walls come down,, he’s like this because of past trauma and stuff. 

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