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music (topsters & reccs)

music i found in the likes of my old soundcloud accounts (not all of them, im a gatekeeper) 

topster of recent listens that i made for /mu/, 5x5

general top listens this year (some not included)

fav artists of 2015 - 2017 recap  & a brief history of the significance in soundcloud in my life. 

when i was a young girl, i discovered soundcloud & all the amazing work compiled there. i also listened to a lot of these artists on youtube or other video / music sharing platforms before discovering them on soundcloud.  soundcloud has been a major part of my life for quite a while now, and i hope that more people feel inspired to search the platform for more music. nowadays, i can't listen the mainstream since i'm addicted to how diverse soundcloud (& bandcamp) are as platforms, i love how nobody there makes music thats specifically formulated for virality, they're just having fun & going with the flow. 

i began uploading music i made on my ukulele to soundcloud in 2018, (this account is now lost to time) which had positive reception from a few people, even though i was only 12, i had made some friends who had wanted to sample my work for their own tracks there too.  i find sollace within the creativity of the community, some may say that soundcloud has fallen off, but it hasnt if you look in the right places, yes, its hard to go viral on there, but its hard to go viral without paying on every platform nowadays, its all in the vibes, in the having fun, once you stop caring about virality, making music is a lot more fun. 

with soundcloud, good music isnt just thrown at you, you have to seek it out, which honestly, is what makes it so fun, imagine constantly having music spoonfed to you by algorithms, it sounds a little boring, right? its like a scavenger hunt if you find it on your own, its amazing watching your favorite artists grow before your eyes as you watch from the sidelines. 

soundcloud (not all, i have memory issues but i'll update when i remember oops)

shinigami , familypet , gtbsg as a collective, sbe atlas, 9tails

mainstream  (i didnt listen to much outside of soundcloud)

the "emo" trinity, hozier, deco28, パフューム, Pinocchio-p 

(to be updated)

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