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wow! it's been a while. hey every body!

i've been ignoring spacehey a little, mainly because i got a little busy, but i'm back and doing pretty well!

nothing major has really happened in my life, although i did re code my profile again. i think i'm going to keep it how it is for a bit. i'm really fond of how it turned out! coding is a pain in my ass but it all becomes worth it when i can finally see the finished end result.

oh, i got medicated for anxiety which is neat. hopefully it works, because i get way too anxious about things.

i've also been drawing a lot more lately. i'm thinking of making another entry where i just show off some digital stuff i've been doing. also maybe some photography posts? sounds very interesting to me, but i don't know if people would actually be interested in that.

pony town has been my game of choice for a little, so i'm going to show off my me pony.

pretty neat!

i haven't blogged in a while and subsequently forgot how to do so, so i'm going to end this entry here.

see ya!
- eb.

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