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Hello, girlies!!!!<3333

Today, I had my first go at a kogal outfit :D

For those who don't know about gyaru styles, kogal is a Japanese school outfit-inspired substyle of gyaru.

Here is the Gyaru Wiki for more information:


While I don't have a lot of clothing materials to piece together an outfit like this, I tried my best! I won't be showing a photo, due to privacy reasons, but I can describe my outfit.

For my clothes, I wore a pastel pink plaid skirt, a cream-colored cardigan (sadly it didn't have any buttons), and a flowy white button-up shirt.

For my hair, I curled it this morning (my first time successfully curling it by myself!) and put it in a low-side ponytail on the right side of my head.

For my makeup, I applied foundation, rosy blush on my cheeks and nose, mascara, beige eyeshadow on the inward part of my eyes, a glittery pink eyeshadow in a c-motion around my eyes, glitter on my eyeshadow, my Kuromi lunar new year Creme lip balm, pink lipstick, and peach-scented lipgloss.

If you have any suggestions or tips for me to be an even better gal, please let me know!<333

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