eel's sweets blog #1 YAAAY

HELLOOOO welcome to my first sweetposting thingie YAYAYYAYAYAY :D

one magical day i was reading a manga i can't remember the name of rn and omg what is that? a japanese style crepe with whipped cream and fruit beautifully folded into a cone?? i need that!!!!! and so i did my research and it turns out theres a shop that does that only 15 minutes away :0

so here it is! hachi crepe in são paulo (yes im brazilian)

this was SO GOOD!! the whipped cream was definitely whipping (I don't like whipped cream lol) and the fruit were so fresh and flavorful \(//∇//)\ but what i really loved was how tasty the crepe was on its own, it tasted like it had some spices

they were a little on the pricey side with ice cream but honestly not expensive at all!! 

the place was also really nice, they had a book exchange thing and a mural to put notes in (^。^)

rating: 4.4 ★ out of 5!!!! had a great time and very nice food idk what else to say i love crepes

okay bye 

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