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Goth fashion basics! -- 1

Goth fashion - essentials

Hello guys! Yuki is here~! :3

As a goth gal who is into this subculture for quite some time, I came here to help you all - baby bats and everyone else interested. Today is fashion time!

First of all, I just want to say that dressing goth is not necessary to be a goth! Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the music! :)

Gothic fashion is quite diverse - just like the music, but in this entry I am gonna help you build basic wardrobe:D

I - band merch

We dress goth to find other goth music enjoyers, aren't we? :D gotta let them know your fav band!

I know it can be pretty expensive to buy band merch! Try to look for second handed merch for example on vinted, or do it yourself!

II  - basic black tops and shirts

Black tops, laces, leather and velvet are the thingd you would look for.. same applies to skirts and dresses!

III - skirts and dresses 

Long flowy skirts, short black dresses, leather skirts, velvet dresses, many laces - that's what you can look into!

IV - pants 

Black flare pants, bell-bottoms, ripped pants, weird patterns, oversized pants! Don't forget leather or velvet !!

V - accesories

DIY accesories, lots of jewerly - vintage, black, silver, gold, honestly whatever you want! Fishnets, symbolic jewerly like crosses or pentagrams (remember to be respectful towards religions!) 

Piercings and dyed hair, which are not necessary, but add to the look.
Makeup takes a huge part in the overall goth look, trust me!


Is white face makeup necessary? No

Do I have to do makeup at all? No

Is black clothing the only allowed?  No

Is goth only for skinny people? (wtf question) No

Is there gothic fashion for men/enby people? YES! 

Is cavetown goth? ......

My personal pinterest outfit inspo board: https://pl.pinterest.com/yukishinka/style-~/

That's it for today's entry~~ Have a nice day, see you! 


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