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guys I'm ginger


Thank you guys for all the support, its been really hard lately, being called Scottish(because I'm ginger), or British(since the Brits have been taking over my accent) as well when I'm Latvian :/,

I told one of you the story in the comments, but ill say it on here just so then I don't need to repeat it.

When I was young and started to grow hair, my mama and papa left me at home, alone, I was in my bedroom staring into the ceiling when Ed Sheeran popped out of the window since it was wide open, and, casted a spell upon me which turned me ginger, while that was happening my parents came home and heard Ed Sheeran iconic song "Girl you know I want your love-" playing in the distance, they ran to my bedroom but were too late, ed Sheeran quickly got out when my parents came in, and here I am now, ginger. A few months ago, mama and I bleached the front bits of my hair hoping it would take away the ginger from me, but it failed, but hey, at least it looks cool on me now.!

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mila ljudmila

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i am very sorry to hear that. i wish you a speedy recovery.

with love,
mila ljudmila (aka nujusu)

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thanks man, its been hard lately. i only got it because my parents forgot to close my window one night and ed sheeran then gave me the ginger :/

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get well soon man

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