daily rant<3

Another day on planet earth, yay! plans for the day? studying for my finals (sooo fun lol)

but after a good study session I can relax and play on my 2ds (I´ve been replaying pokémon diamond, AGAIN!) I really like my 2ds and I´m planning on buying some more second hand games to play! but atm I´m saving for some ps2 games.

Lately I kind of replaced my drawing time with gaming time (I´m having a reallybig art block ;-;)

and I´ve been playing a lot on my 2ds, mostly pokémon but also some good old animal crossing

(I´m playing happy home designer instead of new leaf, I love decorating silly little homes!)

As always I will try to enjoy another day on our silly little planet and hope for the best lol :3

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