Finished both hs and hs^2

So I finished both the homestucks, tbh hs^2 is alright but kinda just eh imo. I also finished the bonus stuff too :D. But man now I got nothing 2 read, but i'm wondering if any of you guys have msfpa recommendations so please comment some stuff!

P.S: hehe my friends gonna never hear the end of me infodumping abt hs >:D

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Ronnie :3

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thats so cool, i heard homestuck was long and messy to read lol; i wanted to read it for myself too but i literally dont know where, people have told me its in tumblr n stuff but idk how 2 use tumblr WRAGEDRWFGDS

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oh yea it's like SUUPER long, i like burnt myself out from reading for a few weeks when on the 1st day i read abt 2600ish pgs lmao. But some of the stuff is prretty cools [besides uh,, certain words ifyk] U can read the comic yourself:
or you can read these voice overs ppl did off of youtube :B [sadly not completed so you'll need to read the rest but still good]:
also there is like fancomics on tumblr but I dont think the og thing on there lol. but hope u enjoy :D [srry if this is like too much infodumping btw]

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oh nah dont apologize for it man, i love hearing abt ppl's interests :3 and yeah ill give homestuck a try, thanks for the links too!!

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no problem! and ty for letting me talk abt one of my interest :B hope u enjoy it!!1

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