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About me + DNI

Hello!! Nice to meet you:)

You can call me Yuki,  I am 16 year old nonbinary gal

I have whole lot of different interests but mainly they revolve around computers and tech

I like video games, cartoons, old web and science stuff (mostly physics and astronomy x3)

I am currently studying programming at school :p

Well, I am also a goth and a gymrat ..

Most of the time I am listening to music, watching some cartoons or gameplays (or procrastinating bleh)

I am Polish but I speak pretty good English and I'm currently studying German

DNI: homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, racists etc. basically, if someone existing just for who they are bothers you - do not interact with me :) also people who are much younger or older than me

DMS OPEN!! I am happy to meet new people

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