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TW: SA (you're not alone) + coping

back sometime last year??? I was going through it. it was hell I was in rage and I still am over what happened. I still breakdown I still deal with it every single day of my life. it was before I started testosterone and my voice wasn't as deep as it is now (not that its very deep at the moment gel doesn't work too fast but im happy with the progress) I was having a bad night so I decided it was time to finally cope in a healthy way so I started to write the angriest full of rage song I could possibly do at that moment (writing music is how I cope I pour everything into my art)

its now may 2023 and Im releasing that angry yet defeated song on all platforms in hope that anyone who feels the way I do can take it and know they arnt alone in feeling this way. even if my genre isn't your thing or even music isn't your thing the message still stands that you are never alone in how you feel. its really sad but at the same time its comforting to me??

keep going its a long ass battle but you're worth it and they are a piece of shit.

if anyone is interested in that lil song it comes out 6/9 (funny number I knowwww I didn't do it on purse lol) think of the pre save as a reminder for you to know when its out <333


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