Struggling to sleep

So here I am again, after a whole 2 weeks of normality sleep patterns I am back to my old ways of being awake til 8AM.

Since I don’t have a job and I’ve been depressed since I was …? Forever lol

Anyone wanna chat? Any sleep strugglers out there that needs a friend and pal- I’m down! We can chat about anything even dreams . 

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Sorry, I never saw this until now. I'm always up for a chat, especially about sleep and dreams. I have a weird technique that's super easy to do that always makes me fall asleep. It works so well that, this one time when I was bed-ridden for days with a sprained neck, I was able to sleep a full 6 hours every night even though I was also asleep most of the day.

I start of lying on my back, but usually end up sleeping on my side. So anyway, lying on my back, I close my eyes and focus all of my attention into the muscles and bones of my legs: thighs, calves, feet, etc. With each breath I inhale, I imagine feeling the oxygen go straight into my legs (I know that doesn't make sense biologically, but it's just an imaginary thing). So that's actually the main thing: staying focused on the legs and and breathing, with each inhale flowing a soothing energy/light into the legs. The only other thing you need to know: repeatedly you'll likely find your thoughts wandering away from your legs to start thinking about some random crap. As soon as you notice this happening, just re-focus on the legs and your brain won't be able to pester you with any thoughts. It will keep happening, but simply re-focus on the legs every time and it will turn of your thoughts so you can just pass out and/or enter a zen meditative state.

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