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02: update on life

hi, i'm writing another blog entry after being away for a few days! i was super busy with prep/review work for finals that i literally could not find time for myself. it's really late sunday night rn, i have to go to school tomorrow again (ugh :((() but i just decided to sit down and write out whatever i need before i go to bed. 

i'm kind of worried for finals because 

i really slacked off this semester, and i'm really lost. i think im ok in most of my classes because really all i need to do for those is to just review notes and go over classwork, but spanish and math class....yikes. math class is literally all on me bc i didn't do shit all semester, but spanish class is so my teacher's fault. like what is wrong with him?? he literally assigned us 25 questions to answer and memorize for an oral exam ON SATURDAY, and the oral exam is on tuesday. TUESDAY. im freaking out. what is preterite, what is imperfect...no puedo hablar español. 

oh, and my compsci class. LMAOOO. so basically there's this project that we've been working on for like a month right? super long, super important, half our grade project...i honest to motherfucking god permanently deleted a database from the code and now none of my code will work. its ok though! (im curled up in a fetal position, kicking and wailing rn). 

i'll talk to my teacher about it and hopefully he'll let me slide, since he has seen me work on it all month long. hopefully. 

on another note, unrelated to school, my sister and i went to target today and she got me the new seventeen album!! (only bc im broke, i have to pay her back later lmao). i got the carat version, and omg guess what. ok so i just grabbed the first album on the stack without thinking about it right? i get home and i open the album and its literally all jeonghan. my bias. its literally a whole stack of photos of jeonghan, who looks like a fucking god btw. i, without thinking about it, picked my bias' version of the album. im literally so happy, i think i can almost forget about compsci rn. almost. 

ok thats all, bye!


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