ent s2e11 precious cargo

dare i call this episode camp?

it's not good, per se, but it is *something*. i laughed at the opening when trip was playing harmonica. they really put their all into making him seem country, like trinneer's exaggerated fake accent wasn't enough. (we do NOT sound like that)

the entire sequence of the alien queen and trip working together felt pretty sexist. "look at this silly pampered woman being Demanding and Hysterical". wouldn't be a first for this show but, like, come on. them suddenly going from arguing & almost beating each other up to making out was the most "playing with action figures" this show has gotten. absolutely ridiculous

also very amusing was archer's little intimidation ploy. "oooh the vulcan judicial system is so scary.. they executed six of our crewmen..." not convincing in the slightest but i appreciate the effort. t'pol slayed though in her Judge Outfit (which i think was just her normal pre-enterprise robes) and bad cop type act

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