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Introduction Icebreaker

Hello. It's me again. I just want to make a quick ice breaker blog entry to share some interesting facts about myself so you can get to know me better. If you enjoy this post, Be sure to leave a comment or follow my profile.

1, I am a Scorpio

2. My favorite colors are Purple, Pink and Blue

3. I am neurodivergent/ Autistic, which has affected my ability to be social

4. I have eclectic taste in music

5. I have traveled to Georgia, New Jersey and South Carolina

6. I play Candy Crush, Cody Cross, Bitlife and trivia games

7. Bernardo from West Side Story is my favorite movie character

8. I would like to Travel to Brazil and New York in the future

9. I am a very shy and introverted

10. I enjoying researching things i'm interested in. My recent research at the moment is on legendary ballet dancer Fernando Bujones.

 Hope you enjoy what i shared to you. This will probably the first longest blog entry i've made. Thanks for coming to my icebreak.

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