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week 1

alright sooo looks like im gonna do life updates every week bc yes but i might do the rest public the rest friends only who knows...,,

if u just saw this blog randomly somewhere hi, my name is cedar, i am a silly boy, and i am cool (sometimes)

anyways this week was yk typical boring week i joined spacehey which was just a rlly good decision (ty mason ily<3) bc the ppl on here r vv nice and make me vv happy :3 also working on my profile is so unbelievably fun

i finally started playing honkai impact and i love it it's amazing and despite this being kinda basic i like march 7th sm,,,

APPARENTLY MY OLD ENGLISH TEACHER DID THE GRIDDY FOR SOME OF MY FRIENDS IN CLASS ON FRIDAY. WTF. the third hand embarrassment i got from my friends telling me abt it.

in general my day's been pretty ok but since the year is ending im scared for finals!!! (we love to see it)

anyways if ur still reading (somehow) im giving u a cookie just for reading thru my silly stories<3

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Glad you've been having a nice time!!!! Good luck on ur finals I gotta work on mine too, and I actually also started playing honkai star rail recently

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HONKAI IS SO FUN ISNT IT also yeahhh finals r stressing me out especially bc i keep not paying attention in class sobs so gl to u too u got this :3

by cedar<3; ; Report

I belive you can do this too.. I also have the same problems with paying attention lol but yes I've been having alot of fun in honkai! Glad to see characters from impact 3D back there too

by Spirit; ; Report

me too im glad they didnt just scrap all the characters while sticking the name "honkai impact" on it and that u can still see some of them from 3d!! class is so boring fr but ig we're both gonna have to start figuring out how to do well on our finals

by cedar<3; ; Report

YESS When I saw Himeko my jaw fell to the ground, and I agree, I usually do well in any testing situations but I'm still very worried about my math exam since I tend to be forgetful and can't keep my thoughts in my head

by Spirit; ; Report

HIMEKO STILL LOOKS AMAZING also yeah, agreed, also biology for me bc bio is basically just memorization and i personally dont find it interesting and hnjgjgj

by cedar<3; ; Report

I lovee biology but yes my memory sucks like I said so I can understand

by Spirit; ; Report

OMG pls teach me how to like bio /j i always find it so difficult to understand, science in general for me my brain just is not good with it

by cedar<3; ; Report

I GUESS I JUST NATURALLY RLLY LIKE SCIENCE but it can be hard to enjoy sometimes because of all the crazy names and definitions

by Spirit; ; Report

omg we have a future scientists on our hands fr!!!

by cedar<3; ; Report