i hate it here聽

and it hates me too聽

the walls shiver when i walk in聽

the paintings gawk聽

the rooms reak of loathing聽

but even tho they stare聽

the paintings smile聽

and the bed is warm聽

they'll swallow the puke in their mouths聽

and shove their fingers down their throats when i leave聽

their throats are sore聽

their cheeks hurt

their teeth are rotting聽

i come here too often聽

and i need to back off聽

i wish they could speak

instead of spitting mouth full of suger in my face聽

they think i don't know聽

but the eyes on the back of my head are well hidden聽

and even tho i cant hear them聽

i know聽

my precence is appaling聽

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