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Final Goodbye

Here’s the final 

A goodbye To my old life.

sick of this whole fight 

So let it be Known

Ain’t nothin bein cried out this time. 

I’m just tryina climb out to culminate

So I had to,

grab the pen 

Just to script you out,

I had to rip you out-

see I know you’re apathetic but-

Here’s one last song to vent this out 

I said I end this now, 

Fuckin Read the credits.

Who left the crevice on the appendage? 

Who tried to end it and who was foolish?

Your name on the left- that’s fitting 

now I exit.

Sick of your essence, 

but thanks for the lessons and inspiration.

I’m prepped for the stars 

and I write this in blood.

Lucifer hugged then I found myself 

And my inner strength to initiate 

The end of (e)M, now say hi to Vince

And see I admit,

I’ve been in love with a memory 

I let live free. 

But We’ve both changed since 

So let it be,

Rest in peace,

Rip M x T.

Shot dead in a lucid dream 

Just to lose your feed,

Shot once in the chest then aimed for the head.

Sorry my dear

Wasn’t nothin personal, 

But the hurdle,

I’ve been trippin over.

Yo I still won the race 

So Homie, 

show your mettle,

Cause I press the pedal 

just to keep it 1 hundred 

As i head to the rock. 

That’s CjL

Cause I got my peoples till the very fucking end and it’s damning that that goes for you 

cause I’ll never love a bitch again.

Don’t take that bad

No, that isn’t hate.

I wish you the best,

Just shootin the vest,

While movin to rest.

Fuck the duress 

my head has been in

I break the hold 

And Face acceptance.

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