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Journal Entry #48: 05/21/23

I don't really have much to do this week.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take the math placement test one last time! This is my last attempt, so I better make it count! I made a 58 last time, and I hope to make a 70 or so tomorrow. However, I'm losing my motivation a little; have I lost sight? The practice problems I've been doing have been a little too easy for me lol

The graduation party was yesterday, and only family came, though I'm not really surprised by that. Teachers have busy lives. I enjoyed having everyone over, though my house felt surreal. It didn't feel like I lived there anymore, it felt like some odd venue. Despite the decorations still being up, it feels more like home again now. It was especially nice to see one of my cousins since he just finished his freshman year of college, so he may be able to give me some tips later. My mom made sure to get some toys for the children to play with, those being water guns and bubbles. I ended up playing with them in a game of "shoot the bubbles". Who needs FPS video games? This suffices much better, and you get to touch grass in the process lol. 

The food at the party was amazing, my playlist fit well, and I got some gifts, though mostly cards and gift cards with money and wishes. All of the money I received will be put in a checking account once we open it. I also got my CDs! One is missing though, it's supposed to be here tomorrow. Speaking of, the dress that I wanted for the party never got here. I also hope it shows up soon, though I wonder how long that will be. 

Lastly, I got this shirt, which I hope to prepare a cute outfit for on Tuesday since I'm going to be taking my math placement test tomorrow. (Can't waste a cute outfit!) I might post it on Tuesday, we'll see.

Anyway, I need to get to bed. I got this weighted blanket which should help me sleep. I tried it last night, but it was too hot. I'll keep my fan on tonight, that should keep me from overheating. 

Boa noite,

AstraGenesis ┈━═

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