Wow this week's been rlly busy. On Friday, were told to make a poster based on a theme weve chosen. On Saturday, my family decided to go on a vacation, which was rlly exhausting cuz i had plenty of hw due next week. Many of them were almost finished tho, so im good. Today, were going back home!! Yay cuz i literally cant stand this island lmao.

  and tbh, i wasnt expecting to go in the weekends. The holidays are coming, why didnt we go at that time?? I wanted to go shopping for clothes again :(

  also ive recieved some sleeping meds from my psychiatrist this friday. Im supposed to take them everyday until wednesday, n ive been sleeping for the whole day every 5 fucking minutes lmao. Im going to meet my psychiatrist next friday for my psychiatric evaluation, whatever u call it lol. The meds seem to be working well, so theres probably no need to change them.

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