a gorey poem on regret!(・_・;)

Aching in its place

Id never be able to kill you without regret. 

The retribution for your betrayal could never compare to the sweetness of the lies on your lips. 

Your blood running down my hands will hold no satisfaction, only an emptiness no longer able to be filled. 

Your pained cries echo through the night, my own heart crying them back. 

I can see it clearly, plunging a knife in your hati, it beats around the smooth metal.

Once, twice, thrice. 


Your unseeing eyes peer deep into mine. 

My fingers twitch around the handle, you could never look me in the eye. 

I think of gouging them out, chewing so hard that i may never be reminded of them again. 

How horrible this feeling is, regret.

(i actually got inspired by a Hannibal fic 4 this(´・ω・`))

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