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A blog about Gregory Horror Show

Using this to both find ppl who like Gregory Horror Show and to spread the show.

Gregory Horror Show is an old 3D, cubist anime that started in 1999 and ended in 2003. It's about people who get stuck in a purgatory like hotel called Gregory House, they are usually referred to as guests. The first 2 seasons put you at the point of view of the guests in the inn, and you watch and learn about their past doings and see their attempts of escape. The main antagonist is Gregory, the owner of the hotel. He's a mischievous, old rat who speaks in vague and creepy ways. There are many residents of Gregory House who got their souls lost in the inn. The most notable residents are Neko Zombie and Judgement Boy. Throughout the 2 seasons you see Neko Zombie try and help the lost guests from having their souls taken, he is a stitched up cat who harbors a terrible hate for Gregory and everyone else in the hotel. Judgement Boy boy is an anthropomorphic scale who judges the guest's morality, and he's a fan favorite[[even considered a tumblr sexyman]]. 

Beware though, Gregory Horror Show is terribly surreal and somewhat suggestive, especially with characters like Catherine, who we'll just say has a fondess for blood and can be heard making concerningly suggestive noises whilst drawing it. Although, nothing is 100% explicit, plus the show is rated TV 14.

There is also a ps2 game based on it. The creator also made the kids' show Pecola, about a young penguin that aired on Qubo.

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I must also say, I recommend the first 2 seasons above the third and fourth, since the ladder 2 are more comedy based and Gregory and Catherine are the protags, and they're fairly unlikable.

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