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Yet another website

So, I made a new website. Yet another one: a patchwork of my online identities, designed to bridge some of my social media profiles in a novel way. I have too many of them, not that it's anything new, and they're all hopelessly entangled. So much for avoiding context collapse.

Because of that, my new site isn't as anonymous as it should be. I have too many names on the internet. Even my legal name. And I'm doing too many things. Some of them are even mirrored here, and given a new face while at it.

The least I can do is not make it easy for stalkers. For one thing, search engines are likely to stay out of this one. Sometimes that's a good thing. And hey, it's a pretext to play with a fun toy. Been meaning to do something with it for a while. Fun is important. Making an impression is mostly just a bonus.

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Sofia Rina

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So, what's that? I'd like to see it. You have so many socials too? It's cool

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Not as many as you have, but see the links in my profile. The experiment I was talking about in the OP didn't work out, so my website now has something else in it, but in a similar spirit. Enjoy!

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:D I still have more than you

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