Picture the misery thats painted.

So many lives are left tainted.

Is it the vision you're missing or society has you caged in?

What is your point? Tell me, how hard do you preach?

Must never quiet the voice that comes outside of my peace.

I'm seeing life is what's lost, the choices pick the road that you take.

Uneasy and feeling off, aware of some of my mistakes.

Know that these days are a gift, still guilty of being blind.

Take fault for things that I miss and wasting some of my time. 

No person out there is perfect, know some who claim they are close.

I'm only here for what's worth it and still working on learning to let go. 

My conclusion is unknown, believe and leave for what's left shown. 

These words are here and clear enough for prospective, in case I go...


                                                               -Michael Youth

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