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Check out YouTube!...but in 2008.

If going back in time for 2006-2008 YouTube sounds like your thing, then this site is for you!

I stumbled across it looking for SpaceHey layout inspiration, and i fell in love! Its super nostalgic and fun to use, it really feels like how YouTube used to be, and actually fun to upload again. Do check it out if you enjoy how YouTube used to be.

It's not super duper active, at least not as active as SpaceHey, but that could change if more of you sign up for the site and start using it! Build communities (yes you can do that) and just have fun, i'd love to see you on there!

No i did not make the site or get paid to say this lmaoo, I'm just kinda passionate about it, its what I've been wanting since the day i lost it!

Check out my Channel here!

Ooh and if the logo bothers you at all? You can change that too! Download the chrome extension "Stylus", and then follow this link to download the YouTube logo to Stylus here!

And TRANSFORMERS FANS!! check this next part out! I have made a Transformers group in the community page, and I'm looking for all of YOU on there! If you make videos, or just want to talk about Transformers, join it! And you can share all of your new videos straight to the page, and to all the fans! It's just me in there rn, but that can change :3 Join it here!

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