Pb&j snadwiches

I think their should be like a special bred for pb&j because like when I make my sandwiches there’s to much bread so I have to put peanut butter on both sides but then because that’s to much peanut butter I have to put on like half the jar of jam and I can’t keep buying jam if I only get 2 sandwiches out of it.

Therefore, I think there should be a special thin bread specifically for pb&j or just way bigger jars of jam like I’m talking vats of jam for the same price obv.

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Inspector Lee

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First, check your local groceries for "thin sliced" bread. There is such a thing.

Or: what I used to do was make an open face pb&j - just one slice of bread, topped with peanut butter and either strawberry preserves or grape jelly. Just be careful to hold it level so the sweet stuff doesn't slide off.

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