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poem i wrote like,,2 weeks agoo

of wolves and goats and sweet things

your soft wool

is in knots

in your strange, long spiral horns.

your uncanny bleats carry through the night

and echo in my ears until i wake.

youre sweet and wild, front facing eyes.

you told me once

that i smell like the sweetness of milk

what a charmer, i say

your flat teeth have never looked sharper

my arms ache for your warmth

your name is the chant on my tongue

wild sweet william i call out 

wild sweet william

your thick white wool

is hiding that dark fur underneath

but if i really did care

would i have called out?

i hope one day

we can call a house our home

brewing woodland phlox tea

and making dandelion honey

our hooves in twine

our horns clacking into eachother noisly

like the sound of your call; all through the night

your softness is my need

until then,

we’ll chew on corn lilies

and feel the sun on our skin

even though,

all i want is to prance under the moon with you

with the surety

of a roof over our head

and my love in your heart

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