Me and my bf have been dating since middle school we are freshman soon to be sophomores. He broke up with me after 2 months of dating because "he lost feelings" and around November we got back together and after a month of dating I broke up with him because he was being a jerk by being rude and being immature and not respecting me. I tried talking to other guys but none of them could fill in what he did. I started talking to him again and after a month of talking we got back together in March. We started off good and talked things out and it seemed as if he matured and recognized his faults. On my birthday he made me handmade flowers because he couldn't go to the store to get me real ones. After that the ending of April and beginning of May just felt like sudden bad luck because we would get in arguments about stupid things like me calling him "bro". When ever I was overthinking I would bring the issue up to him and yea he would listen and talk to me about it and it was squashed... for that moment. That issue wouldn't be solved, for example my friend brought up screenshots of him talking to another girl in a friend way but she was being sort of flirty with him and she posted it on her close friends on Instagram after i showed him a screenshot, the girl took my friend off of her close friends. He is not someone I would introduce to my parents due to his character and way of being but he is someone who I do feel something for. I don"t really want to cut ties with him just yet because im a skinny short girl and his friends are bigger than me want to fight me for literally no reason, his friend got broken up with and they confronted the girl as if they were going to fight her and I don"t want that happening to me. The sudden problem with him is that he can go from 20 hrs to 3 days of not texting me, we see each other in person but he just walks me to my classes. He can be texting others and posting on his story and showing that he is active while I am just left in the dust. He hasn't been telling me "I love you" or being corny or like poking me in a teasing way like he used to be. I just feel like I am slowly losing feelings and I think so is he, and I think our break up is soon to happen because he is going to a different school while I am staying at mine. My question is should I wait to see if it will get better and just enjoy the moment or should I break up with him now?

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he's a sucky guy and not worth your time, he doesn't really care about your boundaries if he keeps crossing them. never let anyone take advantage of your kindess !! he's not the one girly pop

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yessss understood thank you smm !!

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BREAK UP. NOOOOOWOWOWOWOW. he sucks booooooo !! and why do his friends want to fight you ew?

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HE BROKE UP WITH ME DURING SCHOOL AND HIS EXCUSE WAS " im not ready for a relationship " I told him what i felt and he replied with " yes " and turns out while we were tg he was talking to his now new gf .. ewww

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I don’t know what to be called yet

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As someone who has also been in a relationship ending with lost feelings, I really get what you're saying :((( Maybe you should let it pass for now and let it happen naturally so that there are no apparent conflicts (him and his friendgroup seem to be really prone to that). Not only that but he just seems to be a really immature person who just needs time outside of a relationship.

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Thankss !!

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cut it off. not worth the hassle

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Thank youu!!

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