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Screenshots from my time in Morrowind

Here I'm gonna share some screenshots from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I took these with a modded set-up using a lot of graphical changes. This game, of course, did not look like this in 2002. But it can now with some choice selections from the thriving modding community.

Path Down the Rabbit Hole

This was taken on a trail leading back to the Bitter Coast. Have I mentioned I hate swamps? Because I do. I blame Red Dead 2. Bet those swamp cliff racers are what got Gavin.

Birds of Balmora

This is a shot in the city of Balmora. Where are all birds going added a nice bit to the atmosphere. The sunrises in the mornings with Morrowind Graphics Guide Shaders and skies .iv are also quite nice.

"You, sir, are a fish"

While in Balmora, I noticed that Animated Morrowind added some fisherman NPCs to the game. Thought it was pretty neat.

Dwarven Dawn

For this one, I wanted to get a screenshot of a Dwemer ruin. Tried to get a better view, but I came up a little short. Climbing this mountain was no small task, but I managed to get to the top with little hassle. Anyway the Dwarves were nerdy little guys but they built cool ruins.

Misty Morning in Vivec

Last but not least, this shot was taken in the city of Vivec. Vapourmist adds some nice morning fog.

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Actual Acorn

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yo this looks awesome. what mod did you use to add vegetation?

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Aesthesia Groundcover is what I was using. It's probably my favorite grass mod.

Keep in mind that the premade plugin they have for grass generation is for the base game's terrain. In my case, I had a handful of mods that change terrain a bit, so it gave me floating grass in a few areas. There's apparently a process for making your own plugin that accounts for terrain changes, but I didn't feel like going through the added hassle to learn how and eventually uninstalled it.

by Kevin; ; Report

damn, openmw doesn't support it :/ thank you though!

by Actual Acorn; ; Report