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hi! i'm franklin! this is my first blog entry,, i assume i'll just introduce myself? a lot of this info will be on my profile also :p

i'm 17! i use he/him, and i'm from ohio, usa!

i am autistic; my special interest is my chemical romance! i also love fall out boy, other decaydance bands, and 70's, 80's, 90's music, including the cure, the smiths, the ramones, the misfits, and the smashing pumpkins

a retired special intrest of mine is nuclear science. i know a lot about it! ask me if you’re curious :p

i'm bad at watching movies, but my favorite is a clockwork orange! i love slashers and shitty 80's comedies.

i read warrior cats as a kid, and still read them to this day for comfort! you can also ask me all about that!:3 i also love the catcher in the rye, and other salinger works!

i want to go to college to study computer science or equine vet medicine, i've worked with horses for the better part of my life! i’m still deciding  

i'm always into meeting new people; just reach out and say hi! if you like mcr i'm practically an encyclopedia for them. ask me anything! i particularly know a lot about gerard.

i also play a lot of instruments! 

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also wanted to plug here! my layout was beautifully made @ so go give them sum luv pls :>

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