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hellooooooooooooo (comedically long echo sounds)

I have not made a blog in QUITE SOME TIME!!! 

I've been spending most days playing videogames with friends, drawing, and looking for new items to add to my mess of many things- mainly anime figures, old videogames and videogame consoles, and collectables like gashapon. I actually found a really cool isopod gashapon but it was soo expensive so I couldn't buy it :[  

I got a new phone recently, an IPhone 6. I'm very excited about this because I've been wanting to downgrade to an older phone for a WHILE but only recently found out my data provider only goes back to Iphone 6's... I was kinda sad because I found a really well kept Iphone 4 that was really cute! I'm planning to buy more phonecharms to decorate it with, aswell as stickers... maybe a clear case? Idk. 

I saw some cute anime figures on Buyee.jp and mercari, but I have NO MONEY!!!! rofl... kinda. 
I need a glass display case for the figures I do have currently because they're just collecting dust on my desk right now.

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