== Precure Reviews!! ==

AAAA I love precure so much omg and here are the series that i've watched + my opinion on them

Smile Pretty Cure!

Hmm, this one was actually really good and i really liked the character designs of some of the characters, especially Cure Sunny and Cure Beauty. Plot wise, it was really fun to watch + it was my first season so it kinda set my expectations for the others

Doki Doki Pretty Cure!

Personally I did not like this one? It wasn't bad but the character designs weren't exactly my favorite, except for maybe Cure Ace. The plot was kind of iffy but it wasn't bad either. 

I also really hate Cure Ace.

Go! Princess Pretty Cure!

The third precure season I watched and is my current favorite, actually. A lot of the characters are likeable and their costume designs were just... MMMM. AMAZING. The plot was pretty good and overall just fun to watch.

Delicious Party Pretty Cure!

It was okay.

That's all I have to say about it.

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