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May '23 - Some recent favs

Hey yalllll just felt like rambling about some songs Ive been super in2 recently. I think right now with my move to Oregon and finishing the school year and some situationssss with my friends, its been a very hectic time for my music taste. I make a "daily mix" playlist on Spotify every month or two (whenever i feel tired of the old one) and i just curate a selection of songs that i can put on throughout my day that flow together. This month has probably one of my wildest selections. Here's some of my favs from my daily mix for May ---

Four Tet - Slow Jam

A beautiful slow jam, just so idyllic and pretty. This song really compliments all the trees and flowers and everything in nature coming alive again. Can put me in a daze, its just chill as fuck lol. Also very inspiring to the songs ive been working on recently. So glad I got to see Four Tet live this month, was insane and im glad he played one of my other favs (Spirit Fingers) from this record (Rounds, 2003).

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

"It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out,"

Suuuuuper indie and leftfield pick I know, but like this is a CLASSIC. One of the more underrated Beatles hits. That mellotron is infinitely iconic and Ive used a very similar digitised version in a trillion of my songs lol. Love the crazy little extra part that fades in at the end.

Animal Collective - My Girls

I'm a sucker for that indie sleaze 2008-2014 style, and this is arguably one of the highlights of that time. This album is mixed beautifully, just this huge psychedelic swell of bright sounds and Panda Bear's fun vocal inflection. Also love the message of this song, one of those songs that makes me want to be a father someday. 

The Cleaners From Venus - Summer in a Small Town

"Those crazy kids, what will they do? They're not a bit like me and you, with that crypto-punky-psychobilly beat,"

Very fun to sing along to. Feels like walking along the streets in the midday summer heat. Not too familiar with this guy but i got this track in the recommendations for my playlist, I might check out his other tapes, seems like he made a lottttt.

So yeah, a few tracks from my recent rotation. There's definitely some overlapping themes of summertime and psychedelia and just being chill as fuck. Feeling that way right now. Love yall cya later

Love always,

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this is awesome!! i'm gonna listen to this later :)))

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so sick

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