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what my profile almost was...

(if you recognise this you're awesome btw)

ok, i know i made a blog post literally 3 hours ago but i'm bored and i'm a little obsessed with spacehey so i'm gonna make another one!!

i'd like to think i'm a pretty creative person, so as soon as i made a spacehey account i had heaps of ideas for what my profile should look like. obviously, your profile can only look like one thing at a time, and there's only so many cute gifs out there, so eventually i ended up with what i found easiest to make. but i haven't forgotten about those other ideas, so i thought i would dump them here because there's literally no other way to express them (╥﹏╥)

so, before i started working on anything else, the first thing i did was hop on tumblr and look for some cute favicons to decorate my contact section. i think that's probably the best place to start: favicons are the most niche thing you'll have on your profile (as opposed to normal gifs), so it's easier to theme a profile around your favicons instead of the other way around. plus, they're great inspiration! i know favicons are super optional and you'll have barely any on your profile anyways, but i still think it's fun :)

ANYWAYS. i was looking and i saw these super adorable bug favicons! and since i adore animals and bugs, i got the idea to give my profile a cute jungle theme, with lots of plants and critters. so i started looking for gifs that fit the theme...


here are some of the things i found! i may be a little bit insane about gifs actually... this is practically a moodboard. 

green was never one of my favourite colours, which is one of the reasons why i didn't stick with this theme in the end, but it's starting to grow on me. i heard that out of all the colours, green has the most shades, because we evolved to be see better in trees and foliage! i didn't fact check it, but i'd believe it lol.

so, i had plenty of favicons and a few dividers (which you've seen in this blog post!), but the most important thing about a webpage is the background. of course, a jungle landscape would be perfect!

here are some of the pictures i considered. you might have noticed that none of these are actual photos or pixel art, but instead CGI. there's not any specific reason for that, i just really dig the look of it! i think it might've made my profile look a bit more unique than it would've been otherwise. if there's anything i've learnt from spacehey, it's that i love to obsess over the tiniest details. is it worth it? probably not. but i definitely have fun doing it :D

so that's what my profile could've looked like... but why doesn't it now?

well, for a lot of small reasons. like i said before, i'm not the fondest of green. but other things would've clashed with the aesthetic, like my OCs (that are in my profile picture and paperdolls!) and all my blinkies and stamps. those things reflect who i am as a person, and i don't want to omit those things just because they don't look good with some arbitrary aesthetic. i know, i could keep them anyways and it would probably look fine, but i want to be 100% happy with everything. and if all my dumb blinkies match my current style more, that makes me a little bit happier!

what, you thought i was done?? absolutely not. im unhinged so heres so here's some bonus styles i also pondered!!

a delicious, cosy bakery, with lots of sweet chocolate and strawberries :3

emphasis on the chocolate, i think the extra darkness gives it a more interesting look compared to the usual pastel pink/white you see all the time


a bubbly and refreshing ocean theme, with fishy friends to keep you company! ><>

i looove fish ohm y god i love them theyre so cute.,,,


okay goddamn i've spent an embarrassing amount of time on this post... hopefully this wasn't a bunch of incoherent rambling and someone out there enjoyed it! thanks for reading! o(≧▽≦)o

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