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i've finally gotten around to adding snowflakes (the falling images, not literal snowflakes lol) to my blog!! well, not adding.. the layout already had them, but they were text characters and i couldn't figure out how to turn them into images! that would be fine, except i couldn't change the colour of them because they were tied to my profile colour... which meant that they blended into my profile most of the time  (><;)

i had given up, but when i was poking around random people's profiles i saw one with really pretty animated snowflakes, which inspired me to try again. then i figured it out... i wasn't formatting it correctly! i was just pasting in the image url and expecting it to work. oops... i felt kind of silly, but now i could change the snowflakes to whatever i wanted!

unfortunately, i'm a perfectionist, and that was a lot easier said than done. i spent a lot of time trying to find gifs that would look good, and even if they did, they just didn't have the vibe i wanted :(

eventually i found ones i was content with, but i don't know if i'm happy. they blend in with the background and stand out too much at the same time, and i'm not even sure if i like these better than the original snowflakes! but if i didn't stop myself i would spend literally forever working on this super small part of my profile, so for now i'm fine with them. definitely going to change them in the future though!     


i know, they're not rainbow like the rest of my blog... but i didn't want them to be too distracting!

aside from that, i'm super proud of my blog! i've changed the original layout so much, and i've personalised it as much as i can. the only things i don't like are how a few things are offset.. the navigation bar at the top and my friends, specifically. i think they were formatted wrong so they're a little wonky, but i have no clue how to fix them... that's not gonna stop me from trying anyways, because i love poking around in html! even if i have barely any idea how it works haha

i have no idea if people even read blog posts, because they're kind of hidden away (unlike bulletins where they're always on your friends home page). but i don't mind writing into the void! if someone actually reads this please let me know what you think about the snowflakes.. i'm so indecisive its driving me insane x_X

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