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"I Wish I Was Black"

I'm an average girl and I've experienced my average bite of racism from people. At this point, racism has become a casual thing to people of the world. Today's black girl issue is black girl assumptions

I have a lot of friends who say "I Wish I Was Black.", but they are blinded by the common black girl stereotypes. "If I was black, I would be a confident girl boss!", "I want box braids!", well let me tell you something darlings, black people most of the time take all of your rubbish and you can dump it on us until our backs' snap. You don't wish to have my hair because if white people hair falls out from braids then how do you think it will feel when you have my hair? It will hurt, matter of fact white girls are probably more tenderheaded than any little black girl. And the whole, black girls are SASSY and CONFIDENT thing, is so fake. As a black girl, I am not sassy or confident I just take bullying until I snap. I let you call me ugly, but do it again and it will become an issue. 

And also, people who aren't black are so freaking desperate to say the n word. I barely even use the word?! I was talking about who can say the n word with my friends and my brown friend went like "So I can say it?!" and she was all happy in my face aswell, I wanted to zip that girl's mouth right up.

Not a lot for today's blog but your favourite fried chicken muncher out!


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That really sucks. As a white person, I srsly don't get why every other white person I know is so eager to say the n word. They know it's a bad, hurtful and wrong word so why so important to use it or find ways to use it? It's rlly weird.

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That sucks really, it must be so annoying! I think the thing with the n word is that they know they should not use it and that it s not ok so that makes them want to day it event more and its annoying and disrespectful

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