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walking, talking, jhon egbert reference

sorry for the three homestuck-related posts a row, will happen againĀ 

but anyway now that im thinking about how im basically jhon egbert irl at this point. we have the glasses+bucked teeth combo, vriska as a patron troll, the breath aspect, silly+lowk not gonna make it+goth friends, nerdy interests, and we're both transfem.. if i ever randomly come on this blog announce i've accidentally started this universes' equivalent of SBURB, don't be surprised

and don't even GET ME STARTED on how beta/alpha kid-coded my friends are. i have this one online friend that's basically a strider incarnate. SBAHJ reading, katana-owning, self-depricating, lowkey needs some help amazing example of a person. and one of my irls is a little silly, sort-of-lonely, dog loving, green thumbed skrunkly. and dont even get me STARTED on my rose-coded friends. i swear i'm a strilonde magnet.

all im waiting for now is for a game to release its beta .. or somethin :BĀ 

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