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hiii!! my name is sarai, but u can call me sari. i'm currently 16 years old and i live in europe.

i speak english and spanish, i'm fluent in both languages, and i'm trying to learn more languages.

i joined spacehey to make new friends (specially european friends) who have similar interests as me. for example people who like kpop, lana del rey, taylor swift and the weeknd. i also enjoy watching anime and historical movies/series!! my favorite animes are nana, bsd, death note and serial experiments lain. 

also i love fashion! my favorite brands are vivienne westwood (average nana enthusiast) and dior.

and i like animals, my favorite animal are bunnies and penguins 

this is pretty much all. i know is short but i dont know what else to say :(


sarai 🐰

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