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my fucking classpect changed again

...and if if changes one more time i think i might go bonkers. 

okay, so, for a bit of context, i got into homestuck around a year ago. at that time, i was a witch of rage and a derse dreamer. makes sense in hindsight, since i really was a bundle of rage or whatevs. i re-took the test and it changed to a witch of light, prospit bound! and i was like aww yiss this is the hallmark of my growth journey and it'll never change again lets fekkin goo 

but then i got the urge to take it again. turns out im a muse of breath??? which like, master class + jhon egbert reference COMBO but like. WOW what a turn of events. at this point i've just accepted that i'm gonna need to periodically check if my classpect has changed and there's nothing i can do about it #(

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