the sun and the star (I can’t take this anymore)

I’ve finished reading this book like 40 minutes ago.

I will never recover what was that wow it was sad but not sad it was funny but not funny I don’t know I think I’m gonna scream!!

I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 because I love will’s character development and the development of their relationship + Nico is just like me frfr and the fact that they talked without problems about his mental illness really made me happy!!

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i've read the preview and it looks so good!!! i wanna read it so bad i don't read the percy jackson series though so i'm scared that i'm gonna be missing out on some details

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I def recommend to read the pj books first because otherwise it has some big spoilers (but if you don’t plan to read them never ever maybe it can do as a stand alone???)
The books before this are many (15 because it’s 3 series of five books) but I recommend them sm because they are really well written and have much representation !

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