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That time Sans the Skeleton broke into my apartment..

One time.. I dreamt that Sans the Skeleton, Asgore, and Noelle from Deltarune's Dad broke into my apartment and started worshipping an image of Bruno Madrigal... how come I don't get this kind of crazy dreams anymore..?Β 

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π™ˆπ™–π™§π™©π™žπ™–π™£β˜†'s profile picture

i once dreamt sans got really pissed at me and he pushed me down a flight of stairs and i died

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... Sounds like the plot of that other rpg.

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Award-winning, hit indie RPG OMORIβ„’ (2020).

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i have NO idea i cannot remember for the life of me but it mustve been pretty bad bro was PEEVED

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Polar / Jackie

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omg one time i dreamt that i was in some kinda war right??? and i heard someone yell β€œSUMMON THE BONES” and then sans and papyrus just came running. dreams are weird like that

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... That's exactly why I love having dreams. They're a mashup of whatever's on your mind...and into the strangest thing you've seen.

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Frr, where’d all the crazy dreams go I want β€˜em back! xD

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I guess dreams just come & go... mostly they just go and never to be seen again. I liked writing down my dreams.

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