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my hatred for cancel culture

ive been thinking about it for awhile and cancel culture is so stupid. so let me tell you why. first of all i would like to start off by saying i do believe in holding people accountable however i think its gotten to far. 

its so crazy to me that you can ruin someones entire life for one thing. i recently heard about a 10 year old who got "canceled" for saying the N word. now clearly the N word is not something that should be said specifically for non black people ofc. but the reason this bothers me so much is because this poor 10 year old was getting sent death threats. now idk about you but when i was 10 i just though the N-word was like a cuss word such a fuck or shit and i didnt realize the impact that it had. (I never said the N-word i was always to scared to cuss when i was younger.) anyway. i do not believe that this poor boy deserved that. he even came out talking about the situation crying and saying he didnt know. I should mention the kid was not just saying it i mean he sang it in a song and when i was that age i wouldnt have known either. that besides the point. no one should get there entire life taken away for one mistake ESPECIALLY in this case. 

now i want to talk about people getting canceled for smth that happened 10-20+ years ago. now i hate to say it but people who are now like mid to late 30-40's and getting canceled for something that they did/said when they were in there early 20's or younger do not deserve to be canceled.(yes im talking about shane) now i do believe that he should have gotten canceled for other things im only talking about slurs. now ik a lot of people would disagree with this but i mean like 20 years ago there really wasnt a lot of people who knew about slurs and stuff or at least the significance. i mean if you want to go and see in the very first episode of The Vampire Diaries, Bonny literally says the T slur that rhymes with granny. that was in 2009. but no one talks about that because the show is so good. and i bet (if your a teen) that your parents have said at least one slur. I do believe that people who have said slurs in the past should definitely be held accountable thats not what im trying to say. i just mean that they dont deserve to have there whole life striped from them because there wasnt a lot of like knowledge on the affects of these words.

beware that this rant is only talking about slurs if someone is getting canceled for like SA or anything else then i think they deserve to rot. also im not trying to say that saying slurs is ok because its definitely not especially if your a teen or actively use technology everyday and you know its not ok to say but say it anyway. THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE TWO INSTANCES!!!!! 

side note: it also gets me annoyed how whenever someone is "canceled" and they try and educate themselves and show that they've learned from there mistakes, instead of believing them people just say that they haven't learned even if they have. this will only cause more hurt to go around if you never accept apologies or anything than it stops everyone from growing.

side note pt2: The 10 year old is berry from tiktok fyi (DONT SEND HATE!!!!)

side note pt3: if anyone does read this then you can get mad at me all you want i really dont care. this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled for there own opinion.

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