What is out there?

Many times in my life, I have questioned exactly what is out there.  I was fascinated with biology at a young age, and found myself looking for some sort of tiny creatures.  Fast forward 30 years, and here I am researching mystical beasts and otherworldly creatures.  But how what exactly brought me to the point that I am now?

I was 14 or 15 years old, between 9th and 10th grade and worry about all of the things a teenager would be worried about.  I had a crush, a boy who I had "dated" for a solid day before we broke up, I watched my grades, all A's like the over achiever I was, and my extracurricular activities, marching band.  Everything seemed pretty normal in my life, or as normal as they could get, until the one night when my sister and I were left home alone.  It happened often, as our father had begun volunteering as a paramedic, and we usually just sat around and watched tv.  Which is what we were doing when something caught out attention.

The memories at this point get a little jumpy.  I remember a bright light coming down from the sky at an angle, and at first it seemed to me like a helicopter, which made no sense because we lived on the side of a damn mountain.  It made even less sense when I factored in the size, which was probably 50-60 feet across.  The lights were streaming around whatever this thing was, which is why I first thought it was a helicopter.  And it stopped, right outside my living room window, 2 stories off the ground.  

The next thing that I remember is waking up underneath my bed the next morning.  I had remained silent about this for years, not telling a single person about it until a few years ago.  While drunk, I had blurted out to my sister "Do you remember the UFO?"  I was surprised by her response, because she did, and honestly up until this point, I had figured it was something I had made up in my head, even though the memory is a vivid one.  She described it to me in perfect detail as I remembered, just from her own perspective.  

Take my story as you will.  I know people will doubt it or just flat out call me a liar, which is completely understandable.  Now that I am into Ufology and investigating sightings, I hear a lot of people talk about how much negativity they receive when sharing their stories.  But, regardless of how you look at this, I think it is very important to keep your mind open, and keep your eyes to the sky!

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Yikes chilling.
I have never experienced anything this solid. But then again, i am not sure I want to see a paranormal experience from distance or experience one up close.

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Not gonna lie, it was pretty cool. The only scary part is the fact that I don't have answers lol

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If you (and only you) knew aliens frequented some secret spot, would go say hi or hide and watch from afar or plant cameras and run back home?

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I would definitely try to make friends haha!!

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