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living life to the fullest ☼

hi! this is my first blog post and i wanted to tell you guys about my day today (so far)...

i've been visiting the library a lot in my free time. initially i read about salmons (because my interest in splatoon 3, LOL), but that soon changed to bears, and then trains! ive been into trains for a bit now.

today was a really fun day. i walked to my downtown area and got some breakfast at my local diner. i usually drive, but the weather was just so nice i decided to walk ^_^ after that i went down to the pier and started reading this book from the library about trains... theres so many interesting things ive learned about them, especially steam trains. 

by doing this i remembered this an old historic train station thats been run down for whats probably been several decades, maybe even a century or more. i decided to find it based off of memory alone, but in doing so i found this beautiful neighborhood with a pond and bench only 200ft away from a railroad track that a freight train runs through around 17 times a day! right as i found this a train ran through which was so lucky and so so fun. id love to learn about the names of the different train cars and such so i can identify them next time i see them in person!

i did eventually find the old train station. its been boarded up for at least two decades, but walking around it and seeing the abandoned brick road and stone platform on the other side of the track was just so cool to see... i decided to read the rest of the train book there before heading back home because the bugs and the heat. 

i just got out of school, so i really hope i can make this something i do a lot! if any of you guys live in the suburbs, id def suggest exploring the neighborhoods and downtown area if you can... it's such a fun thing to do if you're bored and live close to them. 

thats all i wanted to share for today. hopefully ill post more about any future adventures i have! enjoy the weather if its getting warmer where you live! a stroll around and taking in the nature and history is such a fun thing to do ☺☺☺

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