Cat ghost?

My fiance and I have been seeing a cat in our apartment for the past few weeks. It's always out the corner of our eyes. We're obviously not creeped out by it, in fact, we are pretty happy about it. I hope I get to see more of it, and I hope it likes us. <3

Has anyone here seen anything similar in their homes?

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ever since my cat passed in january, ive been hearing his bell and smelling his scent out of no where. alot of times when i sit and sulk thinking about it, one of his hairs will float in front of my face for a moment before floating off. my mom claims she has been hearing his bell as well.

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That is so awesome, I'm elated to hear that your cat is still there in some way. <3 I've personally never experienced pet loss like that (I'm not even really that much of an animal person fr), but I'm fascinated by the idea of their continued presence in our lives after their passing.

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interesting, i haven't heard of that before
and i think it could be a human's ghost form into a cat idk

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That's an interesting thought. We haven't gotten that vibe from it at all, it just feels different. We've had ghosts before, you can feel them. It's like a person walked past you. But we don't feel the cat, which is why we kind of hesitate to call it a ghost. I still call it a ghost, because what the hell else do we call it?? xD Maybe animal spirits/forms are just different. We've definitely never seen a ghost animal before. The cool thing is that our neighborhood has a crapload of cats. They've held "meetings" in front of our house before. They have such unique personalities and definitely have cliques. lol

And I didn't really want to mention it (because one might assume that we're just seeing one animal, but it really looks exactly like her), but we also keep seeing our last dog. She's not dead, she's at his mom's house, but we still see her running around.

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that's literally amazing, so it may be a spirit of an animal
it's really unusual but i think this should be more discussed :D

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Yeah, I never really here about this stuff, so I figured I'd bring up my experience and see if anyone can relate.

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