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hey pplz

ive seen a heap of mutuals come on here and put a dni list 

plz dont take offence to anything this is just for me personally and my page so if you identify yourself with any of the things im about to say please block me so we can all keep this space comfortable !!

- pr0 $h, pr0 3d

i am recovering from both and would much appreciate it if you took your views somewhere else!

- homoph0b1a, transph0b1a or any LGBTQI+ hate

- racism, i still dont understand how people can still say some things around that its just plain cruel and im not gonna tolorate it. its 2023 ppl not 1845 grow tf up

- ped0s. keep it to yourself dont make people feel unsafe

i'd also highly prefer if you are 2020 indie/alt/tiktokt thing whatever that was, e-kid, "scenecore", part of the dsmp or pro frerard/petekey

as much as i hate to say it it sadly isnt 2005 anymore and these people are happily married with beautiful kids

again no hate this is just my personal preference for my personal page! 

anyone else plz feel free to friend me! love u all, im accepting most requests ❤︎

stay cool luvz


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