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CD/ Vinyl collection (stolen from someone)

i dont have all them at my mums house atm so ill update next time im at my dads.


i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love - my chemical romance

welcome to the black parade - my chemical romance

three cheers for sweet revenge - my chemical romance

the black parade is dead - my chemical romance

may death never stop you - my chemical romance

danger days - my chemical romance

life on the murder scene - my chemical romance

heartbreak weather - naill horan (signed)

before you go - lewis capaldi (signed, single)

freedom - marceille (got free sticker with it)

greatest hits - waterparks

intellectual property - waterparks 

intellectual property - waterparks (uk hand spray painted edition with signed art card)


greatest hits - waterparks (uk limited spalatter edition)

fandom - waterparks (limited green edition)

CALM - 5sos (limited pink edition)

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